An unforgettable riding experience for all levels

Hacienda Ario has a horse breeding program where all our horses are raised and cared for on the ranch. We have approximately 95 horses of which 16 are carefully selected and dedicated to the horse tours. We aim to match our guests with the most appropriate horse to provide a positive and safe riding experience. Hacienda Ario sabaneros are true working cowboys who have been raised and have worked with horses most of their lives and will be attentive to your and the groups needs.

We run tours in the morning and the afternoon.

Our tours are not your typical trail riding horse tour. We offer interesting and varied routes through different trails and landscapes depending on the time of year (green vs dry season). Our horses are athletic, sure-footed and confident making the riding experience that much more special. We are happy to share our love and passion for our horses with people of all ages and levels of experience.

Things and places that you may be interested in visiting while on your tour:

- Caletas - Arío wildlife refuge

- Cattle Operation

- La Perla India , old "cantina" for refreshment

- Look out over water shed and Arío beach

- Cirenas research and education center for environmental & social resources

- Arío Azul community projects, such as free range eggs and fresh coconut production

- Native species reforestation program

Rides are suitable for children ages 6+. Children will not be paired with an adult. Custom packages are available upon request. We ask for a minimum of 2 people and our groups have a maximum of 8 to 10 people. Inquire about a private tour for a romantic ride for couples or dedicated group ride.

Daily Tour Schedule

 8:00 AM / 2:30 PM

 Leave feeling connected, content and part of the Arío Ranch Experience.

Length of Tour

Our tour take 2.5 hr approximately, depending on the group riding level.

What to bring